What Can Durell Family Dentistry Do For You?

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Make the Most of Your Visits

Your dental work is done in one visit. No more waiting 2 weeks with ill fitting temporaries, we have the capabilities to create your new restoration in minutes as opposed to multiple visits! Get speed accuracy and esthetics without adjusting your schedule with Durell Family Dentistry.

Treatment Menu

Preventative maintenance/cleaning
Emphasis on preventative care
Periodontal maintenance
Laser Cavity detector
Tooth colored restorations
Zoom! Whitening
Take home bleaching process

Partial dentures
Complete dentures
Tooth colored restorations
Crowns (single office visit)
Inlay, Onlay (single office visit)


Routine cleanings and exams – Our dental hygienists are some of the best out there! They do a gentle and thorough job and are always available to answer all of your questions!


Whitening/Veneers Teeth Whitening provides excellent results. Everyone makes a better first impression with a whiter brighter smile! Let us help you accomplish the smile you have always wanted!

Periodontal Maintenance

Crowns/Inlays/Onlays If you have ever had a crown before, you may know that it is common to wear an ill-fitting temporary for two weeks and then have to come back for the crown to be delivered. Not in our office!! We have the technology that allows our patients to get the treatment they need and deserve in one visit without any temporaries.
(Cerac system pictured below)

Fillings – Our office uses some of the best materials to help fill your tooth with natural tooth colored filling materials- No unsightly metal fillings!

Bridges/Dentures/Partial Dentures With over 30 years combined experience, we are confident that we can restore your smile to help with function and esthetics.

Mouth Splints/Night guards Do you grind your teeth at night and wake up with sore jaw muscles? We can help you sleep better and wake up feeling great!